Top 5 Fat Burning Secrets

It’s a new year & time to beat the bulge!  Here’s 5 secrets you can easily follow to keep you feeling great all year long.


Fat Burning Secret methods plano texas allen 1.  Eat breakfast.  A U.S. Navy study found that eating breakfast helped raise metabolism by as much as 10 percent.

2.  Spice it up!  According to researchers, eating a single spicy (hot) meal can increase your metabolism up to 25 percent! The boost in calorie burning can last for an additional 3 hours after you eat.

3.  Eat more fiber for overall health. Legumes (lentils, dry beans and peas), other vegetables, fruits, brown rice, whole grains (wheat, oats, barley) will help carry fats out of your body, increase colon health & reduce plaque buildup in your colon & arteries. (Be sure to drink plenty of water with your fiber.)

4.  Replace 20 percent of your carbs with protein & your metabolism can rise as much as 5 percent according to researchers in Denmark. Remember to stay away from nitrates – your brain does not utilize this protein for neurotransmitter activity & more.

5.  Work out!  Studies show that your body can burn 50 – 70 calories more per day, per pound of muscle gain. If you gain 10 pounds in muscle, your body can burn as much as 500 – 700 more calories per day than before.

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